Dinner set HMP Wormwood Scrubs, The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield (Myrdle Court Press: London, 2013)

This book confronts and challenges many preconceived ideas held about prisoners and prisons. 

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Trenton Oldfield was sentenced to 6 months’ imprisonment at HM Wormwood Scrubs for a peaceful direct action protest to draw attention to the long standing and entirely unjust inequalities in British society that are being severely exacerbated by government cuts and the culture of elitism.

 The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield reveals the day-to-day lived experience of incarceration and in doing so challenges many preconceived ideas held about prisoners and prisons. It offers an insightful critique of the prison industrial complex at the the outset of the privatisation of prisons in Britain. Importantly, it also considers the criminalisation of dissent and reductions in civil liberties.

 All proceeds go direclty towards covering the 'Crown's Costs'

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BOOK LAUNCH: 19:00 | Wednesday 27th March 2013


Artizan Street Library and Community Centre, City of London (Liverpool St)


. Sharon Spencer & Gloria Morrison (

. Ben Gunn (30 years - set up Association of Prisoners -

. Fahim Alam (remand for six weeks and then made Riots Reframed

. Hamja Ahsan (

. Joe Black (Campaign Against Prison Slavery

. Saleh Mamon (Campaign Against Criminalising Communities -

. Stef Dickers (Archive of Dissent & Resistance at Bishopsgate Institute

ISBN 978-0-9563539-4-8

Myrdle Court Press (London: 2013)

Distributor: Central Books

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