In addition to our four primary areas of work (Festival, Myrdle Court Press, Salons, Network), we advise/write/teach/research:

  • We have been commissioned to research specific topics for a range of arts and cultural organisations
  • We have organised week long study tours for students of visual cultures, architecture/urbanism and history
  • We have advised a number of not-for-profit organisations across key stages of set-up (theoretical framework and everyday practical steps), along with running large multi-disciplinary events and problem solving in a crisis
  • We have advised a spectrum of charities and private businesses on how they cause or perpetuate inequalities
  • We have advised cultural organisations on how to address their class and race bias and re-frame their projects in order not to alienate audiences
  • We have written courses, lecturing on specific topics along with class and private tutoring
  • We have written articles for a range of publications, presented research at various conferences, festivals and events, contributed to ‘future gazing’ and policy roundtables.  
  • We have also advised on how to establish one’s own independent publishing company/arm. 


How can our combined experience contribute to your organisation?

CV with referees can be emailed upon request.