Thank you to everyone that submitted character references to Immigration Tribunal. 101 of the 200 references were randomly selected and placed here 

. . . . 

Character references that outline why Trenton and our work IS conducive to 'the public good' will be submitted to the judge at our tribunal on 9 DECEMBER 2013.

If you know Trenton and/or our work, and would like to write a letter, we would love to hear from you! Please email a signed letter to or


We understand the format for a letter could go something like this: (intended as a guide)

1. Address the situation - "this letter is a character reference for Trenton Oldfield who is appealing the Home Sectretary's decision to remove Trenton from the UK as a result of his peaceful direct action protest on the 07 April 2012. I am writing this letter in support of Trenton and his family. This intention of this letter is as a refence for Trenton and his work. I believe Trenton Oldfield makes an important and valuable contribution to life in the UK."

2. Indicate in what capacity and for how long you have known Trenton (& Deepa)

3. Indicate who you are, what your work on, your qualifications/experience etc.

4. Provide examples of the character traits you value in Trenton and Trenton's work. Focus specifically, if possible, on his value and contribution to British life - his 'public good'. Highlight any specific situations of note to you.  Highlight any charitable or volunteer work you might be aware Trenton does or has done. Indicate why this is important to you/your community.

5. Indicate if Trenton and his work has any reputation from peers and/or the general community. Indicate losses to Britain if Trenton and his family were forced to leave the UK.

In addition, you could also:

6. Indicate what you might think the impact might be on Deepa and their daughter Sunaya if Trenton was forced to leave the UK.

7. Highlight any concerns you might have for the previous charge, trial or sentence 

8. Highlight any concerns you have for general direction in the criminalisation of protest and new immigration laws