FAQ > Below is a list of FAQ - in progress - we will continue to update this page. > When did This Is Not A Gateway begin?

It began as an idea in 2001 and had two test runs; first in 2004 ('Thames Gateway - Whose City is it Anyway?' Salon), then in 2006 ('The Suburbinisation of the City' Salon). This Is Not A Gateway was formally registered as a not-for-profit company in late 2007. A cross-disciplinary and international working group (previously known as the 'steering committee') was formed shortly after. Its metamorphosis into a living-breathing-active organisation could be said to have occurred in 2008 when we held our first festival and began working on Critical Cities Volume 1.

In 2009 we established Myrdle Court Press - the publishing arm of the organisation.

This Is Not A Gateway's four main areas of production are festival, salon, publications, and library & archive.