FAQ > Below is a list of FAQ - in progress - we will continue to update this page. > Is your work just focussed on the UK?

The festival occurs in London as we live here, but this is by no means it is a festival/summit solely about London or for those in the UK. While our finances are very limited, to date we have been able to support or co-support a number of individuals to come to the festival, or contribute to other TINAG events. This has included activists from Paris and Croatia, an architect from Beirut, artists from Vienna, Amsterdam, Sophia and New York . Sometimes individuals, as far away as Australia, India and Canada have been able to secure funding from organisations and institutions in their own country, which has enabled them to contribute to the festival. We are always willing to write letters if needed for visas and support letters for funding applications.

If we are unable to support over-seas participant's travels, we have still exhibited their work and screened their films, for example. One year we unsuccessfully tried an internet based video conference.  In Europe the ECF is a particularly good funder for travel, accommodation and stipends. Applications for this fund need to be submitted at least 2 months before travelling.