FAQ > Below is a list of FAQ - in progress - we will continue to update this page. > How is This Is Not A Gateway funded?

All of the initial money to start This Is Not A Gateway came from Deepa Naik and Trenton Oldfield’s private earnings (juggling TINAG alongside paid work). Deepa and Trenton remain the main financial contributors and do so by generating an income via commissions, lecturing, writing and producing exhibitions.  This methodology enables the organisation to remain independent and critical.

Funding and support for specific This Is Not A Gateway projects, such as the annual festival or books has come from a number of organisations, including Arts Council England, Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust, Grassroots Trust, Tate Britain, Institute of Contemporary Arts and the Centre for Sustainability.

It is important to note the three and a half day festival, which includes over 60 events, 160 contributors and 2000 participants, costs on average (either a little more or a little less) than ten thousand British pounds. One of the aims of This Is Not A Gateway was to demonstrate how events such as the annual festival could exist without corporate sponsorship and the resultant corporate propaganda and censorship. The organisation receives significant and ongoing in-kind support from numerous organisations such as SDNA, Cockpits Arts, Hanbury Hall etc. Numerous individuals and have volunteered either in the preparation of events, at the events themselves or via their contributions at the working group.