FAQ > Below is a list of FAQ - in progress - we will continue to update this page. > How does the organisation operate?

This Is Not A Gateway was registered as a not-for-profit organisation in November 2007, company number 06415761 . The organisation’s directors are Deepa Naik and Trenton Oldfield. Ellen O’Hara is the organisation’s secretary.  ‘Coordinators’ better reflects the nature of the work and our ethos, as we approach all our activities as collaborative. Working Group members assist with specific concerns and tasks that arise. This has included event planning, web platform development, increasing international networks. The Working Group sits alongside the legal structure of the organisation – best understood as a support and advice group.

Myrdle Court Press is the publishing arm of This Is Not A Gateway and is not registered as a separate organisation/company. It operates on the same model as This Is Not A Gateway; it is not-for-profit, aims to elevate and widely-distribute under-represented critical voices, provoke debate and push a range of disciplines and knowledge’s up against each other. 

Our organisation purposefully operates in-between and across ‘the street’, ‘the community centre’, ‘the academy’ and ‘corpo-governmental institutions’. Our organisation purposefully operates to push different disciplines and practices up against each other – we are an arts/culture organisation, community group, publisher and ‘political research centre/educational institution’.