ESTATE by Fugitive Images

Cover, Estate, Fugitive Images (Myrdle Court Press, London: 2010)


Early in 2008, three months after the vote to transfer the Haggerston and Kingsland Estate from Hackney Council to L&Q housing association, the artist collective 'Fugitive Images' began their work on the estate. In 2010 Myrdle Court Press brought their images together with discursive contributions from Paul Hallam, Victor Buchli and Cristina Cerulli.

As the coalition government attempts 'the greatest social cleansing since the Highland Clearances' by removing housing benefits from those residing on sort after land is there a more urgent moment for a critical, autobiographical and multi-disciple insight into life on a inner city estate?

"This is an incredible book that will move you deeply... 5 stars"
(Andrea Gibbons - Author, organiser and PM Press editor) on ESTATE by Fugitive Images.

"An excellent and important polemic".
Owen Hatherley - Author, A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain

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The pursuit of public Housing provision was one of the 20th century’s redeeming contributions. Yet, in the first decade of the 21st century, public housing as an ideal is a contradictory territory resulting from policies that value entrepreneurial charities or a subsidised private sector over state funded and administered housing.

Estate is a timely contribution to the debates entangling millions of individuals and countless neighbourhoods. The starting point is a visual essay on the Haggerston West & Kingsland estates in Hackney, east London, in the process of demolition and re-building. The 56 photographs document the spaces left behind when people were moved out. Despite residents living in limbo for over 30 years as refurbishment plans were continuously proposed, shelved and re-proposed, the images highlight their innovative solutions to the difficulties of continuing to live while an idea and a set of buildings were being abandoned around them. 

Texts from Paul Hallam, Cristina Cerulli and Victor Buchli contextualise the artists’ project through a set of questions resulting in a work that refuses to settle, creating dialogue between photography, archaeology of the recent past, autobiography and critical theory.


fig.6 Many of the flats had items of clothing left behind. Not on the floor or in piles, but still hanging, in wardrobes, on coat hangers. And usually, a certain amount of toiletries.



Artist collective founded in 2009 by Andrea Luka Zimmerman and Lasse Johansson.  It was set up to explore the complexities and effects of regeneration on a community of residents, including themselves, housed on the Haggerston Estate in East London. Initiators of the critically acclaimed ‘i am here’ project, Andrea and Lasse use film, photography and text to explore urgent urban questions facing inhabitants in cities across the globe.


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