‘Who Dares Wins’ (Qui audet adipiscitur) is the motto for at least nine ‘Special Forces’. Who Dares Wins propels notions of opportunism, expedience, realpolitik, advantage, high risk, even recklessness and a cutthroat attitude. The other way of saying it could be ‘The Boldest Measures are the Safest’.


  • Is this psychology/psychopathology through which new understandings could derive around the conception, production and administration of cities? Is this the underlying philosophy of the Urban Industry / the urban elite?


  • Are the on going attempts to enclose the commons acts of opportunism? Are the fires that destroy buildings standing in the way of new developments an act of expedience?


  • Was the first claim to the concept of land and property ownership just a daring risk?


  •  Are wars a cutthroat attempt to re-boot and enrich the building industry? Are the planning laws in divided cities attempts at strategic advantage?


  •  Are the recent land grabs and the current attempts at legalising assimilation/death of indigenous peoples good examples of Who Dares Wins at work in our contemporary lives?


  • Have misunderstandings of Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest lead to a virulent and ruthless new strain of capitalism or globalisation?


  • Is it important to start developing a library where the methodologies, tactics and case studies can be deposited making them available for wider study? Can this character of psychopathic ‘advantage’ be undone, neutralised or prevented? 

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