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Fair Immigration

The holocausts, land and resource theft, cultural undermining by the intercontinental European empires have resulted in the majority world being destabilised and also made vulnerable to being indoctrinated by ‘western’ ideas/supremacy.  Migration to ‘the west’ is an inevitable result of poverty and chaos resulted from empire. How can the phrase ‘We Are Here Because You Are Still There’ assist in the counter-attack against the racist policies and rhetoric against migrants? 

Can terms such as ‘migrant’ and ‘minority’ – inaccurately associated with the non-white body – be repositioned?  The major migration in the world has been of Europeans to other parts of the world, most notably to Australia, America, South America, the Caribbean, Israel, Africa and to places like Hong Kong, Singapore and French Polynesia. The Russian Empire has expanded to central and eastern Asia.

Approximately 480 million people of European decent live outside of Europe. Today, for example, Australia, Argentina and Uruguay’s population are 90% European descent. Today the pattern of migration continues with more Brits, for example, migrating abroad than ‘other’ people moving to Britain.

Do Euro-American companies continue to dominate resources despite official ends to European imperialism? Do Euro-American universities continue to dominate globalisation rhetoric and policy? Are non-European migrants forever available to be used for political agendas? Why was migration of non-Europeans encouraged the 20th century world wars? How has racial and class divide and rule undermined wages/unions? Why are migrants currently incorrectly being portrayed as burdens to western civilisation? 

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