The Rockerfeller Foundation 'Transforming Cities'

Since the 1500’s there has been a process of people being pushed off their lands and into urban areas. Today we live on just 2-3% of the world’s land surface. 3.5billion people now live in urban areas – 1 in 2 of the world’s population.

The Urban Industry promotes cities as being ‘good for you’, however it is clear modern cities have been and remain creators and incubators of poverty and vast and varied inequalities. What are the processes that have created this situation and what are the effects on people as a result of living in cities?

Urbanisation is an industry. The industry includes academics, architects, pop culture entrepreneurs/artists, corporate land grabbers, property developers, and historic and contemporary colonial processes. The Urban Industry includes those knowingly and unknowingly participating in the processes of urbanisation of the world’s rapidly increasing population. Proposals can address:

  •  Does the Urban Industry project its actions as politically neutral or post-political, while in fact perpetuating the intrinsically political and partisan ideology underlying contemporary business practices and market techniques?


  • Is the latest apparatus of capitalists not just financialism and culture but the process of building, demolishing, re-building, management and promotion of cities?


  •  Is The Urban Industry fostering an environment that rejects social critique and critical philosophy?


  • What has the role of the Urban Industry been in perpetuating inequalities?


  • Does a condition of post-criticality in the Urban Industry facilitate unquestioning acquiescence and contribution to the drivers of present-day spatial injustice?

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