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This Is Not A Gateway will bring the public and linguists together in a series of workshops to co-produce a new lexicon critical of The Urban Industry. The new vocabulary will be out of reach (for a while, hopefully) of property developers, politicians, academics and PR companies – enabling the people to set the agenda, tone and messages rather than respond to already colonised and problematic terms such as ‘regeneration’, ‘communities’ etc. Submissions for the workshops or related events are welcome.  

When did regeneration, renewal, community organising, planningand even radical, shift, becoming part of the lexicon of property developers, their pr’s and the policies of neo-liberal governments? 

How are lexicons colonised and appropriated? How are lexicons formed? Can a series of new lexicons be co-produced and subsequently released at the festival, re-orientating language, pulling again away once again from the colonisation from sponsored charities, corporations and governments? Can a new series of lexicons be forged that will reflect the current and future ambitions of a post-capitalist and just city?

This Is Not A Gateway will to bring a range of formal disciplines (linguists, social theorists, public relations etc) together with interested people who will be the end of the festival release the first edition of a new agitational urban lexicon.

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