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Mohen Jo daro, Sindh, Pakistan 

Due to white supremacy and its dominance in academia many would believe cities evolved in 18th century Europe. It may be an inconvenient truth but there is evidence of cities across the world like the Indus Valley that are over 7000+ years old, Aleppo in Syria is understood to have been inhabited for between 8,000 -13,000 years. Babylon in Iraq is thought to have flourished five thousand years ago. There are numerous ancient cities throughout ‘South America’ and ‘Africa’. Many ancient cities have been demolished – physically and/or metaphorically. Many cities in Africa, such as Kerma in ancient Kush, have even been suggested by European archeologists to be a result of Portuguese traders. Babylon, Iraq is know to have been looted in the last Iraq war. What does the erasure of these cities mean?  What can we do to ensure their knowledge is shared today? 

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