Approximately 170 Festival-goers filled in the 'Post-Festival e-Survey' shortly after the 2010 Festival. Below is a summary of the survey results:

98.9 % - Plan to attend the next festival 

93.3% -  Have recommended the festival to other people   


. . . . . . . . . . . 


 The main impacts of 2010 Festival, listed in order by Festival Participants are:

  1. Inspiration
  2. New learning & New knowledge
  3. New approach to addressing urban questions
  4. New contacts


Festival Participants listed in order, the most valuable aspects of the festival as:

  1. Critical approach
  2. Cross-disciplinary methods
  3. Free and open to all
  4. Exists somewhere between 'the academy and the street'
  5. Scale and breath of the programme
  6. Focus on participants outside of 'establishment urban curcuits'

Listed, in order, are the main reasons why participants decided to attend the Festival:

  1.  The underlining philosophy of This Is Not A Gateway
  2. The chance to be critical and discursive
  3. The diverse programme
  4. The opportunity to meet other critical thinkers

Festival Participants listed, in order, the most interesting activities from the festival programme as:  

  1. Exhibitions
  2. Discussions
  3. Films
  4. Presentations
  5. Walks
  6. Workshops


. . . . . . . . . . .  


Additional comments include:

The whole festival was thoroughly thought provoking


The ideological approach across all the mediums is a very honest and rare quality


The selection is spot on, timetable very rich and the quality is everywhere


The festival was really interesting; very good art there, difficult to see in the crush


I do think TINAG is pretty unique ... a packed programme of such quality and cross-disciplinary contributors.


The festival is now one of the most important events on the cultural calendar


TINAG festival provided a much- needed platform for critical thinking and action within the professions/disciplines of the built environment.


TINAG and the festival are vital



4 of 5 stars


Brief but so intense


I feel uplifted from the weekend


Amazingly well organized, full of interesting people … an important rigorous discursive event!


I came away simultaneously exhausted and over-stimulated from all the ideas and interesting people


Enjoyed it, large audience; interesting bunch. Still thinking about talks and people.


Excellent and Challenging


Excellent, interesting, diverse, interesting programme. Very thoughtfully curated.


Fantastic, really packed with people who wanted to share ideas and listen.


I found it thought-provoking and inspiring


Rich, open minded, multi-disciplinary, efficient, focused, intelligent, honest, unique


8 out of ten


Very constructive; a pleasure, the new kind of organisation we need


Very interesting, varied and stimulating event


Very well organised and interesting programme.


Successful … welcoming, friendly and inclusive but still critically rigorous.


Enjoyed it very much. Challenging yet comfortable. Very well put together.


Very fulfilling and inspiring. All the sessions that I attended were brilliant.


This is an amazing platform for independent discussion.


Fantastic, really packed with people who wanted to share ideas and listen




Each year gets better than the last


Great initiative. The programme was amazing! Seemed very well organised!


It was very stimulating, attended by knowledgeable and engaged people from all walks of life and most of them with a personal commitment to develop alternative approaches.


Great to see such a broad spectrum of ideas and perspectives of the city from a variety of sectors and backgrounds.


Was refreshing to be amongst so many unpretentious people willing to be open to new thoughts and learn!


The place in London where the chances are high to meet people that can push one’s ideas and understandings further.


A very interesting alternative to existing dictated cultural forms.


You could see people reflecting on their own thoughts, approaches and experiences. People in and out of the sessions seemed eager to share and listen. 


Everything I saw was great, from the opening evening to the final session I attended.


The welcoming and relaxed atmosphere was wonderful.


The atmosphere was great, I hope the festival continues for many years to come!


Thoroughly enjoyed it,and great atmosphere of friendliness and enthusiasm.


Opening launch was fantastic. Venue was terrific. Speakers were good!


Each of the discussions, exhibitions and presentations I attended was interesting,  engaging and thought provoking in a different way. It was a great space to meet and listen to interesting people from all over the world.


It was intellectually stimulating and thoughtfully organised, bought together a range of people in an open, democratic and unpretentious space; an environment of sincerity.



The informal and friendly nature, the passionate and critical discussions across disciplines, cultures and everyday experiences are invaluable.


I found the diversity of people attending particularly great. The mix of people from different ages and with different professional backgrounds was great.


On the whole, I just loved it!


I thought it was a really nice atmosphere, and everyone who was attending was totally interested in the programme.


There is no other event of this kind, anywhere! 

. . . . . . . . . . .