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Judith Ryser: 1968 to Now: Can we ever progress? 

Why does it seem as though we are always drawn back into the same political and economic system? Ryser reflects on the cultural-political movements of 1968 to the present sharing her experience in the fields of journalism, urbanism, organising - and also from living in Berlin, Paris and London. 68' gives a stimulating backcloth to a discussion of how a social movement would be possible at present and what it would take to get it off the ground as an alternative to neo-liberal austerity. What are ways that we can resist a 'return' to the same? How can we make apparent the subtext of the Tory Big Society before we plunge back to a pre-welfare/compassionate society? 24 October 2010 /15:00-16:00

PODCAST: 1968 to Now: Can we ever progress?