The 2009 Festival (23-25 October on Hanbury Street, East Londonn) included 60+ events organised by:


Abdullateef Whiteman Renowned calligrapher, musician and graphic artist based in Grenada.

Adam Kassa  PhD candiate at the Cities Programme LSE and the Urban Age Programme Assistant. He has worked on several international development projects ranging from capacity building for HIV/AIDS youth organisations in Guyana, to working with a small community health centre in Mexico. As a researcher he has completed several projects on the city including a project examining the architecture of the city square in Mexico.


Ahemt Tas Filmmaker who lives and works in Berlin. His recent films are a study on European fruit & vegetable markets (APPLE&EI) and their links to their colonial past.


Alexander Vatchev After obtaining a Master of science degree in environmental chemistry, Alexander dedicated himself to organic gardening and has worked on different projects in France, Italy and Germany. At present he lives in Berlin.

Almi Hantke Documentary Filmaker based in Jersalem.

Andrew Bramidge Chief Executive of Harlow Renaissance and former Director of Cityside Regeneratiion. Cityside Regeneration delivered two urban renewal programmes in Spitalfields.

Andrey Vrabchev Sculptor who lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria. He studied at the National Secondary School of Fine Arts-Sculpture and The National Academy of Arts –Sculpture. He works in the fields of monumental and site specific large-scale installations.


Anja Kanngieser Cultural geographer who is involved in political and social collectives in Australia and Germany. Her work examines the intersections between aesthetics and activism, specifically German activist groups that use aesthetic techniques as a means of articulating their dissent. She is involved in the future archives project, and works with installation and radio.


Anna Feigenbaum Activist history researcher, creative writer and Assistant Professor of Communications at Richmond University in London. She is a member of the newly formed Creative Resistance Research Network.


Anna Holder PhD candidate in socially entrepreneurial design praxis at the University of Sheffield. Anna has published papers on collaborative design entrepreneurship, and the role of the designer in wider social and economic networks. She started her career in architecture and planning, practicing as a designer, which she continues as a member of the Voluntary Design and Build Network.  


Annette Mees Artist who creates interactions between people and places. She combines technology, live performance and theatre, always making the audience central.  Annette is part of Coney, Director of The Performance Lab, and Lead Director of Interludes.


Anthony Luvera  Australian artist and writer, based in London. Through facilitating relational, process-based strategies, his work focuses on social issues such as homelessness, addiction and mental health - while acknowledging the failings of the photographic document in the representation of reality. His work has been widely published and exhibited.


Aoife Flynn Visual artist from Blessington, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, and has recent graduate from Limerick School of Art and Design with an Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting. Her work focuses on recording experiences and exploring the idea of lost and fragmented memories. Aoife has exhibited in Dublin and Limerick as well as in a traveling exhibition in China.


Archinef Association A team of architects, landscape architects and urbanists based in Lyon. AA works towards preserving the memory of populated areas by collecting interpretations and histories. They have co-initiated Project Trace - a cultural project that examines the heritage value of the commemorative architectural complexes from the socialist period in Bulgaria.


Asiya Wadud Artist and initiator of Forage Oakland - a neighbourhood fruit barter network whereby residents exchange their surplus backyard fruit. In Oakland there is no shortage of residential fruit trees, but more often than not, the fruit goes unharvested. Forage Oakland taps into this waste stream by establishing a system that allows residents to redistribute their surplus (and otherwise unused) fruit.

Bahai Egeh Graduated from UCL with an MSc in Environmental & Sustainable Development and is working as a journalist specialising in environmental concerns. Research interests include the role of the modern British supermarket and subsequent divorce between Man & Nature.  


Barbara Wallace An experienced regeneration practitioner who has worked in inner city areas of Liverpool, Manchester and London.  She has an academic background in the Social Sciences and recently completed a doctorate in women's entrepreneurship within regeneration contexts.  Currently Barbara is Director of the Women's Design Service, an organisation that seeks to ensure women's needs are met in terms of the planning, design and use of urban environments.  She is passionate about facilitating meaningful involvement of typically excluded individulas, groups and local communities in shaping urban space.


Ben Campkin  Co-Director UCL Urban Laboratory and Lecturer in Architectural History, Bartlett School of Architecture. His work focuses on representations of urban change with reference to contemporary regeneration sites in London. Ben is co-editor of Dirt: New Geographies of Cleanliness and Contamination (London: IB Tauris, 2007).


Ben Elwes Freelance photographer, who has worked with public relations and media agencies. A recent graduate of from UCA Rochester (MA Photography), Ben’s personal practice is informed by his experience in media industry. His work reflects upon the intensity of media messaging and the sophistication of psychological strategies affecting place and space.


Bram Thomas Arnold Artist and writer whose interdisciplinary interventions, installations and performance works dream of a Romantic disposition and seek out a considered approach to perception and existence through poetic gestures and subtle works of humour. Bram co-founded the collaborative art project The Mobile Institute.


Bruno Rinovulari Recently graduated from SOAS in Social Anthropology. He is producing a ten part series for Resonance FM on London’s sewer system. His past programmes include a documentary feature on ‘Boat Ting’, an experimental music night on the Thames and a studio discussion with Chinese sound artist Xiao He. 


Cany Ash MA (Cantab) DipArch RIBA FRSA, Partner, Ash Sakula Architects. Cany builds in a range of sectors: regeneration, the arts, education, creative industries, housing and public space.  Recent projects include St Botolph’s Quarter in Colchester, Sadler Square in Derby, The Hothouse in London, Chapter Arts in Cardiff and Tibby’s Triangle in Southwold. Ash Sakula’s work is widely published and receives many awards.  Cany is a Civic Trust Awards Assessor and a member of the RIBA Competitions Advisory Panel, a CABE enabler, a CDA for Birmingham’s BSF programme, external examiner at the University of Cambridge and RIBA validation panel member for schools of architecture.   She will be talking about her approach to development projects, highlighting the Sugar House Lane project in East London. 


Carlos Martins Creative entrepreneur from Portugal, interested in the dynamics between economics, culture and territory. Carlos is the Executive Director of Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012. In parallel he is developing a PhD thesis in Economic Geography – Creative Clusters in Urban Areas – at the University of Porto. Carlos is a founding partner of Opium Ltd., delivering policy and industry leadership across the creative, cultural and knowledge economies.


CasaGrande  Chilean art collective that has developed a series of publishing projects and art actions related to poetry and the intervention into public spaces. CasaGrande has worked on several projects since 1996 including the publication of a journal, installation of posters in metro stations throughout Santiago, and public performances including the series: Bombing of Poems.


Catherine Greig Architect and founder of make:good an organisation that focuses on designing through making and finding ways that local groups can participate in the design process. She is currently initiating an oral history project on a housing estate in Hoxton, London entitled ‘The changing geographies of childhood in the city’.


Catherine Vieira Architect who works at the crossroad of research, visual art and urban design to create architecture and landscape interventions. In 2006 she graduated with honors in Architecture from Paris Val de Seine, Beaux-Arts. She continues developing her research between Paris and London.


Claire Louise Staunton Curator, writer and PhD candidate in the Visual Cultures Department of Goldsmiths. Her interest in historicity led her to establish Inheritance in 2007. She writes for a number of paper and on-line publications.


Constantin Demner Founding Director of studio elastik! 2004 Project WALK was an intervention into the area of Spitalfields, East London in November 2004.


Cristina Prudente Artist and independent curator. Upon leaving her career as a solicitor, she studied at Central Saint Martins. Cristina has curated exhibitions at Candid Arts, Italian Institute of Culture, and Truman Brewery.  


Cristóbal Bianchi  Artist and poet responsible for the CasaGrande project with Joaquin Prieto and Julio Carrasco. In1997 he published the collection of poems “El Trigo Oscuro de mi Boca” (‘my mouth’s dark wheat’). Cristóbal is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies, at Goldsmiths.


 Dan Edelstyn Creative entrepreneur whose degree in History/French (UCL/Sorbonne), early journalistic career and love of cinema soon led to filmmaking. In 2001 he established Optimistic Productions with Hilary Powell. He directed ‘Subverting the City’ exploring alternative negotiations of urban space. Dan hones his skills on commercial films for diverse clients and his entrepreneurial talents are tested as he re-establishes a vodka empire.


Daniel Gal Documentary Filmaker based in Jersalem.


Dane Rich Graphic design student at Central St. Martins. He is developing an inter-active billboard that allows users to communicate their own messages.


Darryl Chen Critic and practitioner on urbanism for a range of publications, schools and private practices. He is interested in the relevancy of contemporary culture's waste products, and believes a discussion of urbanism cannot be dissociated from [an albeit disputed] trajectory of modernity.


David Knight Independent designer and researcher based in London. He collaborates with artists, architects, planners and communities on projects dealing with the built environment. He is a senior lecturer at the University of East London, a studio tutor at Kingston University and recently a visiting tutor at the Architectural Association.


David Rosenberg Author of Facing Up To Antisemitism: How Jews in Britain countered the threats of the 1930s. He divides his working time between primary school teaching and a range of freelance activities including journalism, teaching PGCE students, educational projects and East End Walks.


Davorka Begovic Member of the Student Centre's Culture of Change she has realised a number of music, theatre, educational and film programs. She has worked on the Motovun Film Festival, Zagreb Film Festival and the Music Biennale Zagreb. Davorka is in her final year of Musicology at the Music Academy in Zagreb.


Denitza Toteva Media planner who has been involved with Intercultural Gardens in Berlin. Her research focuses on whether gardens are a sustainable tool for integration.


Dorit Naaman Experiemental Filmaker based in Jerusalem.


Eleanor Wynne Davis Professional musician and community facilitator; her current practice examines the dynamics of power, through apparently casual intervention and the introduction of sound. Eleanor co-founded the collaborative art project The Mobile Institute.


Ellen O’Hara Head of Business Development at Cockpit Arts. Ellen joined the Cockpit team in 2006 and has overall responsibility for Cockpit Arts' business and professional development services. She is an accredited business coach, holds a degree in Economics from the University of Birmingham and a postgraduate diploma in administrative management.  Ellen heads Cockpit Arts' sector research projects and is a commentator on issues relating to designer-maker businesses. Ellen previously worked for The Princes Trust, Arts Council England and Andersen management consultancy.  She is also a member of the TINAG Steering Group and on the Board of Directors for CreativePeop!e.


Esther Johnson Artist who takes a poetic approach to documentary and narrative through film, video, audio and photography. Recurring themes include personal histories, heritage, tradition, architectural vernacular and precarious futures. Exhibitions include Tate Modern, Tate Britain, BFI, ICA, NASA and the BBC. 


Eran Sahar Experimental Filmmaker based in Jerusalem. 


Euan Mills Co-founder of ma3t - a design collective whose products or services that challenge users to think about their interaction with the world around them. 


Euphemia P Niblock Adventurer, archaeologist, intrepid explorer and an archetypal antiquarian. Miss Niblock provides a promising methodology with which to re-examine issues and current debates on location, memory, public space, citizenship and social relationships.


European Alternatives Civil society organisation based in London with offices in Paris and Rome. It runs projects throughout Europe and also in Saudi Arabia, China and South America. It is dedicated to exploring the potential for a post-national or transnational politics and culture, and promoting intellectual and artistic engagement with the idea and future of Europe.


Fiona Whitty Recent graduate from the MFA program at Chelsea College of Art & Design. Her work is socially interactive and expands the artist into researcher, instigator, organiser and editor. She is particularly interested in questions of how immigrant communities adapt within different environments.


Fugitive Images Artist collective founded in 2009 by Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Lasse Johansson  and Tristan Fennell. It was set up to explore the subtle and haunting traces of memory and desire that weave together identities and communities. Fugitive Images hold participatory workshops in audio/visual recording and writing.


Gavin Grindon Author of Aesthetics and Radical Politics (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008) and a member of the newly formed Creative Resistance Research Network.


Georgia Wrighton Community Development Worker at Women’s Design Service and is working on a London Councils funded Women’s Design Group project. She is setting up groups of women from a diverse range of backgrounds who have a voice in town planning and regeneration. Prior to that, she was a community planner engaging local people in planning issues. She also has a background working in local authority planning departments, and was a sustainability officer for a short spell. She is active in her own community on a range of environmental and social justice issues.


Hajj Abdulhasib Castiñeira Director of the Granada Mosque – the first purpose built mosque in Spain for 500 years.


Hilary Powell Artist whose practice engages with changing urban environments and its secret histories. Since her BFA (Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford), she has made site-responsive theatrical installations across Europe. Performative elements were furthered through an MA Scenography and in the film narratives of ‘The Games’ and ‘Light Years Away’. She has a PhD in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths.


 Images-A-Mots Collective of artists, poets, vocal performers and sound engineers who work on a multidisciplinary means of expression. Members include Annabelle Playe, Axel Brisard, Neli Gueorguieva, Eric Bosveil and Julien Brousse. Images-A-Mots have co-initiated Project Trace - a cultural project that examines the heritage value of the commemorative architectural complexes from the socialist period in Bulgaria.


Isidora Ilić  Film/video artist who lives in Belgrade. Her work is based upon praxis of experimental film and performance art. Her work has been shown at international and domestic festivals and galleries. Since 2003 she has collaborate with Bosko Prostran under the name of Doplgenger. 


Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen Develops new media installations, in which the aesthetic experience becomes a strategy for the disassembling of Cartesian thinking, and by extension the modernist binaries of mind/body and self/world. Her work is Informed by critical and feminist theories. Xxhibitions include Rooseum, Museum of Contemporary Art in Malmö, and the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik.


Jason Waite Independent curator and founder of the International Guerilla Video Festival. He has initiated exhibitions in Europe and North America, including a survey of video art from Central America, “Me-Te-Do [Memory, Testimony, Documentation]: Video Art from Central America”, “Hypermyth” at FYR arte contemporanea and “Welcome Home” a series of exhibitions in domestic spaces throughout Florence.


Jean-Marc Caracci Photographer based in France. His work has been exhibited internationally and he is currently documenting people, space and architecture in European capitals.


Jilly Traganou Architect, author and Assistant Professor in Design Studies at Parsons The New School for Design.


Joanna Erbel PhD student of sociology at Warsaw University and co-founder of Dupolis Association. Previously, she studied photography at the Warsaw School of Photography. As a sociologist and photographer she focuses on urban space, gender and questions of migration. In March 2009 her photographs on contemporary Warsaw were shown at a festival of Poland in Bangalore, India. 


Joel Cady Graduated from Bartlett School of Architecture in 2009. He was awarded the History and Theory Prize and the Making Buildings Award. Previously he studied Fine Art (3D Design) at the Chelsea School of Art. His research interests include ‘wild’ spaces and planted landscapes in cities and environmentally sustainable architecture and urbanism. Much of his research focuses on East London and the 2012 Olympics. 


Jonathan Rock Director of Projects & Resource Development at the Heschel Center for Environmental Learning & Leadership and a PhD Candidate at the Department of Politics & Government Ben Gurion University. He holds a Bachelors in Philosophy and Geography from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Masters in Cities, Space and Society from the LSE.  


Josh MacPhee Artist, curator and activist currently living in Brooklyn, NY.  His work often revolves around themes of history, radical politics, and public space. He is the author of Stencil Pirates: A Global Study of the Street Stencil (2004, Soft Skull) and co-editor of Realizing the Impossible: Art Against Authority (2007, AK Press). He organises the Celebrate People's History Poster Series and is part of the political art cooperative Justseeds.org.


Joy Gregoy Artist whose practice is concerned with social and political questions with particular reference to history and cultural differences. She has exhibited in numerous international galleries, biennales and festivals. Her work is included in UK Arts Council Collection, V&A Museum, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, and Yale British Art Collection.


Jude Rosen Urban researcher, poet and translator.  She was a member of the artists’ group We Sell Boxes We Buy Gold, which was involved in mapping and researching the Olympic zone and held the symposium “London 2012 never took place”. Formerly Jude worked as a historian and political scientist at UCL. Hearing Eye published her first collection of poetry, A Small Gateway, in 2009.


Julian Konczak Digital artist focusing on the interpretation of the world through photography, video and sound. Working with themes of globalisation and the urban landscape, he creates work across on-line and installation environments.


Karla Pudar Studies Art History, Croatian Language and Literature at the University of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. As a member of the Student Centre's Culture of Change, she has realised numerous visual arts, literary, multimedia and film events. Karla has worked on the Festival of the European Short Story, Motovun Film Festival, The Croatian Association of Visual Artists and Literary Magazines Bibliography of the 19th century.


Klara Jaya Brekke Has an interdisciplinary background of Political Economy, Fine Art and Contemporary Urbanism and has studied at University of East London and most recently LSE. She has worked on issues of migration and labour conditions, resulting in the documentary 'Underground Londoners, cleaning the London Underground'. Klara is researching issues of race in Copenhagen and she took part in Undoing The City Festival.


LEMEH42 Two Italian artists who realise videos, installations and performances. The duo been working together since 2005. Their work has been screened at a number of international video-art festivals.


Liam Young Tutor coordinating design studios at the AA, Bartlett and other schools throughout Europe and Asia. His studio projects delve into the worlds of speculation and fiction, forming critical instruments for instigating debate about the social, architectural and political consequences of emerging biological and technological futures.


Lily Sheffy Filmaker based in Jerusalem.


Liz Hingley  Photographer and curator. She graduated from Brighton University in Photography in 2007, after which she received a scholarship from Fabrica to photograph for Colors magazine in Kenya. She has been based In Italy for the past two years.


Margit Neuhold Currently undertaking an MA in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths. Previously she was an assistant curator at Camera Austria. As an independent critic and curator she has been published in artmagazine.cc, Camera Austria, nowiswere and artartart.


 Maria Theodorou Director School of ARCHitecture for All in Athens.


Mariana Mogilevich Visiting Scholar in the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University and a PhD Candidate in the Graduate School of Design at Harvard.


Marwah Jbrah Tibi Documentary Filmaker based in Jerusalem.


Mary Yacoob Artist who has documented the minutia of daily life in diagrammatic form.  She creates systemic drawings about architectural spaces that question ideas of urban planning and public art through proposals for often unrealisable interventions.  She has exhibited in London, Hamburg and Milan. 


Matt Belcher MSc candidate in the Bartlett School of Planning. He graduated from UCL in 2009 with a first class BA in Geography. His research interests relate interdisciplinarity to urbanity, architecture and sustainability. His thesis investigated the processes of sustainable architecture and 30 St Mary Axe.


Maureen Ward Graduated from the Visual Culture strand of the MIRIAD masters programme at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006. An archaeologist by training, with a joint honours degree in Ancient History & Archaeology from Manchester University, her research focused on the collisions and collaborations between archaeological and artistic practices.


Max Hacke 3rd year RIBA Part 1 student and scholarship holder at the Architectural Association. His work has focussed on cities and its infrastructures. His recent project is a reflection on how cities like London can provide spaces for smaller communities to generate individual identities. Max has been awarded the Alexander Memorial Travel Award.


Mel Cook Experiential theatre maker, artistic director of Snakebit, and associate director of SPID - a theatre company dedicated to re-engaging communal space in the city.  In the last year, Mel has created five site-specific interactive works for the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, examining how communities interact with public space.


Michael Edwards Senior lecturer in Economics & Planning at the Bartlett School of Planning. His research interests include 
urban land and property markets and development processes in Europe, social and economic impacts, labour market analysis, economic estimation, evaluation and decision processes. He is the author of numerous books and is currently researching government-sponsored urban regeneration activities in King's Cross, London.


Minou Nourouzi Austrian/Iranian filmmaker. Her preoccupation lies in the psychological landscapes of incubated desire, displacement, authoritarianism & surrender, misplaced femininity -  often framed within the mundane. Her work has been shown at The Battersea Arts Centre, ICA London, Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow, Everson Museum of Art NY, Telic Gallery LA and The Tank NYC. 


Momtaz Begum Project Coordinator for Leaders in Community, which is set up as a youth-led organisation 3 years ago, working with young people across Tower Hamlets aged 16-25, supporting them gain leadership skills, experience and knowledge.   Her role is to develop young people's capacity within the governing structures of the organisation and to fundraise for projects, and support young leaders. Leaders in Community is local young people's opportunity to vocalises issues and make a practical difference in the community they live in, as all the projects are aimed at promoting engagement and cohesion.  Momtaz will be talking about how LIC got started and how they are inspiring a generation of young leaders and effecting change in Tower Hamlets. 


Nikola Mihov Bulgarian born photographer, based in Paris. His work has been exhibited internationally and his images of the demonstrations against the CPE law in Paris (March/April 06) were published in the online edition of “Le Monde”, “PHOTO” magazine and by the Bulgarian press. Nikola’s recent project Forgotten Past documents the most significant Bulgarian monuments built between 1948 and 1989.


Nitsan Shorf Domidiano  Experiemental Filmaker based in Jerusalem.


Nizar Abu Zayyad Filmaker based in Jerusalem.


Olivia Tuskinski Recent graduate from the Cities Programme LSE. Her undergraduate degree was in urban anthropology and sociology; her research interests are in rural to urban migration, gentrification and tensions surrounding historic conservation. She spent 2 years with the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa - strengthening women's collective business enterprises and agricultural projects.


Partha Banerjea Consultant Adolescent Psychiatrist running a specialist Adolescent service from Guy's Hospital. Having trained both within the UK and New Zealand, and worked as a Consultant for the U.N in war affected regions, his current interest lies in formulating ideas around murder, intimacy and cities.


Paul Baldesare London photographer whose work has been regularly published and exhibited and is held in public and private collections. He has carried out several long term documentary projects since 1983 and received an Arts Council National Lottery Grant to continue his English Carnival project. For some years he has documented shoppers on Oxford Street and other London centres of consumption.


Penny Skerrett Artist/curator whose practice is based on ecological thinking i.e. how art relates to the natural, sociological and cultural environment. Penny co-founded the collaborative art project The Mobile Institute.


Peter Marshall Photographed London since the 1970s and has work in the Museum of London collection and the National Building Record. His London’s Industrial Heritage project has been shown at festivals in London and Poland, and his photographs of environmental protest in London were the British contribution to Foto Arte 2007 in Brasilia. 


Pippa Koszerek Uses the Unasked for Public Art Agency as an umbrella under which to create artworks and to curate publicly-sited exhibitions and performances.  She developed The Independent Art School in 1999 – 2005 and has created site-responsive works in Luxembourg, UK, France, Germany and Spain.


Rachael Davidson Has recently completed her Diploma in Architecture at the University of Westminster. Rachael is interested in the alternative roles of architecture and space within cities and has worked for the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment and Architecture for Humanity, UK.


Rayna Nadeem Artist filmmaker working in the public realm. She specialises in film projects within social-engagement, documentary, and site-specific practice.


Rebecca Ross Senior Lecturer, Central St Martins, Interactive Design. Her graphic design practice facilitates wider participation in built environment decision-making. As Research Scientist, New York University Center for Advanced Technology (2003-05), Rebecca designed a network-based system for city residents to visually annotate layers of the city’s GIS (Geographical Information Systems), opening dialogue with planning officials.


Richard Gale Academic who specialises in urban communities.


Richard Wei-Tse Wang Currently completing a PhD thesis at the Bartlett School of Planning, which focuses on the socio-spatial differentiation and social interaction of residents in the inner-city of Shanghai. He holds a B.Arch from the University of Auckland and an M.Arch from the Architectural Association.


Roberto Santaguida Received his BFA in film production from Montreal's Concordia University in 2004 and was chosen for the Quebec Writer's Federation Screenwriting Mentorship Programme. He served as the screen-writer-in-residence at Romania's Centrul de Cultura Rosetti Tescanu and is currently making 'The Avenenuers' - a documentary about a neighbourhood in south central Montreal known for good hockey players and the Rock Machine biker gang.


Rosy Fairhurst Reverend at St Martin-in-the-Fields.


Segolene Pruvot Project officer at European Alternatives. She studied urban sociology, urban and regional planning in Paris and London. Segolene has worked for URBACT European programme and for a consultancy in local economic development in London. She is interested in questions of social exclusion/inclusion in European cities and democracy.


Saeed Khairaldeen Documentary Filmaker based Jerusalem.


Shona Scales and Katie Knowles Architecture students in the final year of their BArch course at Newcastle University. Their research explores how ephemeral architecture and ‘temporary cities’ impact the built environment.


Shynal Khan Associate Executive Director of the London Muslim Centre.


Sommer Spiers Recent graduate of the Cities Programme LSE. She has a background in architecture and is writing a design-based thesis on regeneration. Sommer graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture at Auckland University in 2006 and has practiced in Melbourne at Ashton Raggatt Mcdougall Architects. She has worked on residential projects in New Zealand and refurbishment projects in Chiclaio, Peru.


Sonalle Freelance social documentary photographer, who has worked alongside numerous established photographers in New York and Paris. She produces awareness-raising assignments whilst assisting Magnum Photographer Mr. Chris Steele-Perkins.


Sophie Hoyle Artist currently working in London.  She is a recent graduate of Geography BA at UCL, and studying Postgraduate Fine Art at Byam Shaw, Central St Martins. Her work explores the experiential aspects of the city, using film and photography.


Stephanie Brandt  London based architect and founder of SPACEPILOTS – a collaborative, cross-disciplinary practice of architecture and art. Stephanie completed her Masters at the Bartlett School of Architecture and currently teaches at London Metropolitan University and Central Saint Martins.


Stevphen Shukaitis Editor at Autonomedia and lecturer at the University of Essex. He is the editor (with Erika Biddle and David Graeber) of Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations // Collective Theorization (AK Press, 2007). His research focuses on the emergence of collective imagination in social movements and the changing compositions of cultural and artistic labor. 


Tapio Snellman and Christian Grou  Architects, urban designers and artists who have been working with the film and animation for the past 12 years, under the name of their media company Neutral. Exhibitions include the ‘Global Cities’ at Tate Modern, the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Design Museum and V&A Museum, at the Centre Pompidou, the MOMA and Guggenheim museums in New York.


The Pursuit Of Happiness Curatorial project initiated in 2008 by Polish interdisciplinary artists and art promoters Tekla Wozniak and Zbigniew Kotkiewicz. 35 artists explore complex notions of ‘happiness’, offering numerous political, sociological, psychological and personal responses. 


Tomorrows Thoughts Today  London-based think tank exploring the consequences of fantastic, perverse and underrated urbanisms. TTT are engaged across the spectrum of critical design work – including written and design-based research.


Tse-Hui Teh Graduate of Columbia University (Masters of Science, Architecture and Urban Design) and the University of Technology Sydney (Bachelor of Architecture). She worked for ten years as an architect both in private and government sectors and in 2007 she joined UCL as a PhD candidate in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering.


Vanessa Swann Chief Executive Cockpit Arts, FRSA, MInstF, PgCertBA. Vanessa was appointed Chief Executive of Cockpit Arts in 2002. Since then she has transformed the organisation from a managed workspace to a creative business incubator, actively supporting and promoting designer-makers. She has considerable experience of working with, and for, designers and designer-makers and is a spokesperson and commentator on the sector. She was previously the Deputy Director of the Design Museum and Director of the Commissioning Service at Contemporary Applied Arts. Prior to this she headed the RSA Art for Architecture scheme.  Vanessa will be talking about building a social enterprise, using Cockpit Arts as a case study.


Verica Kovaceska Artist based in Skopje. Projects often include live, site/context-specific, durational performances, which are documented through photography, video, and installation. Verica graduated in 2004 from the University of Plymouth in BA Visual Art with Theatre and Performance, and in 2007 from the University of Cambridge in MPhil Arts, Culture and Education.


Victoria Bean Canadian born artist, who lives and works in the UK. Her work features text and prose, and has been shown and collected by a number of galleries and individuals. She completed a BA at the Camberwell College of Arts and an MA at the Royal College of Art. Victoria co-founded 'arc editions' with Sam Winston and Karen Bleitz.


Winstan Whitter Filmmaker who was born in Ghana, raised and currently living in London. Winstan started out by making skateboard films in the early nineties. This grew into a more serious past time and he has directed a number of films, including Rollin’ Through The Decades a documentary about the history of UK Skateboarding, Save Our Heritage and The Four Aces Club about the legendary music venue in East London.


Yoram Rom  Experimental Filmmaker based in Jerusalem.


Zarah Hussain Artist who uses geometric form and pattern inspired by the Islamic art tradition. In the past, her work has taken the form of both paintings and technologically advanced light installations. Her recent work operates on several different levels, devotional beauty through repetition and pattern, an esoteric or Sufi understanding of the Muslim faith in modern times. 


Participants also include:


Alicja Rogalska

Anna Minton

Austin Williams 

Bill McAlister 

Dan Hon  

Dave Beech 

Elena Pascolo 

Erica Scourti 

Fani Zguro

Finn Williams 

Javier Correa 

Justyna Scheuring, 

Karl Sharro 

Lottie Child

María Kjartansdottir

Mark Davy 

Marsha Bradfield 

Matthew Verdon

Merve Kaptan

Neil R Grayshon 

Nina Pope  

Roxanne Walters

Rowan Moore

Siobhan Wanklyn 

Susan Buck

Tomas Klassnik 

Stuart Shahid Bamforth