Statement made by Deepa Naik on 19 October, after Trenton Oldfield's sentencing (6 months for his direct action protest against government cuts and a culture of elitism in Britain):

"Most nation states work very hard at creating and maintaining untrue myths about themselves. Great Britain has convinced many it is the home of democracy and the gauge for 'civilisation'. Anyone living here today knows Britain is a brutal, deeply divided class riven place. London is today the most unequal city in the western world. This poverty and the inequality is entirely unnecessary and is being severely exacerbated by government cuts and reductions in civil liberties. Right now as we speak there are many thousands of people working to address this injustice; either to limit the damage or to overthrow it - completely once and for all. I know Trenton at this moment would want to send a message of solidarity to every single one of them where ever in the world they might be.

Trenton has spent his adult life working on these issues and his direct action protest on the 07 April 2012 was a natural extension of his everyday work. Trenton's protest was a reaction to an increasingly brutal business, media and political elite. In the three actual days preceding the protest the coalition government 1) Introduced the Communications Data Bill legalise surveillance of all digital communications of all UK citizens  2) The Queen signed off the bill to privatise the NHS  3) A cabinet member called on the public to go to the police if they had suspicions their neighbour or family member might protest at the Summer games.  

Trenton was initially charged with Section 5 of the 'public order act'. Hansard reports reveal that government ministers asked the police commissioner to increase the charge so that a custodial sentence could be achieved. 

The criminalisation of protest and of protesters is a reflection of the hyper anxiety of the bosses and the ruling classes. Everyone alive today has seen with their own eyes that revolution and overthrow is possible. Putting Trenton in jail just shows how anxious, hesitant and 'on the ropes' members of the establishment are at this very moment. Trenton and I would continue to suggest people protest ... as the well known proverb says 'when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty'."

Deepa Naik

19 October 2012